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Season's Greetings from Cafe Art to Mindshare

We hope you are safe and well during this difficult time

Hello Mindshare people!

You probably recognise us from the calendars we have been selling for the past few years. This year, due to Covid-19, we can't meet up - but we are still selling a "best of" MyLondon calendar, and a new MyWorld calendar!

You can order from us and even pledge the usual 50% to the vendors in this photo. David Fussell (on the left) has a photo in one of the calendars on sale - the 2021 MyWorld calendar. If you use the promo code DHF2021 you will get 50p off all calendars, card packs and photographs for sale and David will get 50% commission. Please use it to help him directly. We will deposit his commission into his bank account.

Richard Fletcher (right) is no longer sleeping on the streets and is living in a supportive community outside London. He is however still hoping to sell the calendar and you can help him directly if you order any calendar (the 2021 MyLondon or the 2021 MyWorld calendars) or card packs. Richard's promo code is RF2021.

Mindshare has been supporting us though the rental of our photos, letting us attend your Huddles and Christmas Markets and more for years now. We very much appreciate the support from Mindshare and its staff and hope we will see you again next year.

Season's greetings!

Paul, Michael and the Cafe Art artists and photographers

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