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Black Social Cyber Giving

Black Friday, Social Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are all names given to days coming up now.

They are associated with the day after American Thanksgiving (Black Friday was apparently the day small businesses went into the back after being in the red all year).

Social Saturday was added to ask people to remember social enterprises (us!).

Cyber Monday was added a long time ago when the internet was a lot less part of the consumer experience and Giving Tuesday is devoted to helping charities (recently also us!).

We are marking these days with a gift to our buyers which will also help our vendors who are homeless or recently homeless: we will give a discount of £1 on every MYLONDON calendar sold if the Vendors' Fund Promo Code VF2024 is used on checkout. The shop page is here.

Smart phones for project participants

We will use the money earned from that fund to buy new smart phones and Zettle card readers for the current vendors. We know that several of them do not have phones now. The great thing is, by using the phones to sell at Spitalfields Market and in Elizabeth line stations, they are getting more used to how they work. At the end of the "selling season" they will be given a phone each.

Other vendors who already have phones are being given new Zettle card readers which will help them in selling their own artwork even after they finish selling MYLONDON calendars.

Order your MYLONDON calendars here today. Use the Promo Code VF2024. You save £1 and the profits buy smart phones for homeless MYLONDON calendar vendors.

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