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Café Art’s MYLONDON Photo Project goes digital

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

10 photos per participant allowed to be entered into contest

MyLondon, the social enterprise project which has helped 100s of photographers and calendar vendors with lived experience of homelessness gain photography skills, gain confidence and earn more than £150,000 for themselves and for homeless charities in the past eight years, is back this year.

We are accepting up to 10 digital photographs from participants who have been homeless. Free training in how to capture photos with the theme of “My London” will be given by experienced photographers from the Royal Photographic Society and past winners of the MyLondon contest.

The contest will be in late July and early August 2021.

Open to people who are, or have been, homeless in London

We will be signing up participants who are members of homeless charities in London in July. If you are not a member or client of a charity you are still permitted to join the contest that has the theme: “My London”. It’s not a project about what homelessness looks like, but of what you love about your city.

Prize money and employment opportunities

Winning photographers will share £2,000 in prize money. All photographers will be able to exhibit photographs entered into the contest for the exhibition. Winning photographs will be printed in the 2022 MyLondon calendar and greetings cards and sold online and in markets and train stations at the end of the year. All participants will be offered a chance to sell the calendars which are sold in the same way as the Big Issue – 50% of the sale price of calendars and cards goes to the vendors. The charitable project is a social enterprise and is funded by sales of the calendars to the public.

Free training after the contest

Our photography mentoring group meets up weekly - alternating between a photo walk somewhere in London and meeting up online to discuss the previous photo walk. All participants in the project will be invited to join the group which is run by volunteers from the Royal Photographic Society.

Sell your photos online

We will be printing some of the best photos on greetings cards and a wall calendar which will be sold at the end of the year. All participants will be offered sales training in our entrepreneur workshops and will be invited to join our sales teams selling the calendars.

Contact us

If you are currently homeless or have been homeless in London and you would like to participate in the MyLondon Photo Project please contact Paul Ryan (WhatsApp 07517 141948).

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