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Cafe Art uncovered

This year's Discover Recovery, an event that celebrates the many routes to recovery from drugs and alcohol in Camden, was held today (25/3/15) at Arlington House. It's a chance to meet people who want to use their own experiences of recovery to help others along, as well as chat to friendly and professional staff from a variety of services. Tom Power, who we connected with at The Recovery Cafe, kindly invited Cafe Art to join in for the day. Thanks, Tom! As always, we couldn't have done this without the artists who came to help us with ho hesitation at all. So our gratitude to Geraldine, James, Ray, Tom and Tagzee, as well as to the many friendly faces who dropped by to our stand to either say hi or just to know more about Cafe Art. We were also fortunate enough to be seated next to the wonderful Viv from Unseen Tours, a great organisation that provides paid work to vulnerably housed individuals to act as tour guides, showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness while taking you along on a great tour to parts of the city you might never otherwise see with people you might never otherwise know existed. Go check them out and try out the Covent Garden Tour with Viv!

Our two artists, Geraldine and Tom, with another Tom (Power) at the Discover Recovery event.

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