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Collective: A nucleus of creative talent …

L - R: Tagzee, Zin, James, Simon, Mark, Chris, Agata, Brian and Marie (Artistic Director, Omnibus)

We held a simple get-together at Omnibus this week to thank the artists for sharing their wonderful artwork with the wider public at the Omnibus 'Collective' exhibition. We made ourselves cups of coffee and brought along some cup cakes too, and was joined by our dear friends Jennifer & Laura, as well as Claire from a nearby St Mungo's Broadway hostel and staff from Omnibus - thank you! Simon, the curator, did a grand job of taking the artists round and getting them to talk about the meaning behind each piece. It was a great experience for everyone to find out what inspired them to draw such beautiful art, and to share their thoughts and knowledge as a collective. It was truly a gathering of creative minds....  We missed Mateus and Tuesday!

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