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The Dream Team

Good luck to all the participating photographers in the Cafe Art 2015 photography/calendar competition! And thank you to the Dream Team who showed their support and believe in their talent by being involved in this year's judging. None of the Judges accepted any expenses whatsoever, and even took the morning off from work out of their own big-heartedness to be involved.

The 2015 Dream Team (L-R: Paul Ryan, David Honey, David Holmes, Chris Cheesman, Martin Reed, Emma Mapp and Toby Monk)

This year's Dream Team consists of a Director from a multinational photographic company (Japan's first photographic company), a photographer who has experienced homelessness, the editor of the world's largest selling weekly photographic magazine that is over 130 years old, a personnel from England's umbrella homelessness organisation, founder of a photo festival in the capital and a representative from the world's largest fine arts auction house.

And the icing on the cake? All this supported by the world's earliest photographic society - founded in 1853. What more can one ask for in terms of boosting one's self-esteem and pride when taking part in the Cafe Art photo contest! Thank you to everyone ......

Thank you to Christie's for offering us their King Street Boardroom for this year's photo judging again.

Rather you than me! The judges having to make some difficult decisions ....

Judges trying to narrow down the winning shots.

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