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The next step: "Mentoring Group" exhibition

This is one of the set of photos by Goska. Goska was awarded 1st place in the MyLondon Photo Project competition in 2015.

A passion for photography is clear in the Group of Five exhibition opening in the Old Diorama Arts Centre next week.

The five photographers have all previously participated in the annual Cafe Art MyLondon Photo Project. The Cafe Art Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Mentoring Group was run by Julian Rouse and a group of volunteers. It was set up several years ago by RPS volunteer Neil Cordell.

The photographers have all experienced homelessness, with at least one still living in temporary accommodation. They meet in the basement of the Qbic Hotel in east London on Saturday afternoons.

The Qbic give Cafe Art free storage for our art materials and photographs and cameras and let us use their meeting room for free.

The photography mentoring sessions usually involve learning a new aspect of the digital cameras donated by Fujifilm before the group head out to capture London. Several hours later they return to the hotel.

By Wayne. Wayne lives in south London.

By Dee. Dee had a photo in 2018 that was voted 1st place in the MyLondon Photo Project competition.

One of the set of photos by Wes. Wes had a top 20 winning photo in 2018 and this year his photo of the Thames will be August 2020 in the annual MyLondon calendar.

By Saffron Saidi. Saffron's photo of her dog Dotdot was the cover photo of the 2017 MyLondon calendar.

The exhibition will be hanging in the Old Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3FE from Thursday 26 September to Tuesday 8 October 2019.

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