8 x12 A4 Print. Includes certificate of authenticity from the photographer which includes story accompanying photo from exhibition. 


Feeding Goslings 


“It’s just some geese I stumbled across while near the pavilion walking around Victoria Park - they’re brilliant.”


Richard is from Yorkshire “but I haven’t lived there for 20 odd years.” He has been going to Pritchard’s Road Day Centre, run by the Borough of Tower Hamlets, for about six years. “I ended up being homeless ‘cause I’d been made redundant and I was unable to keep up with the rent.” He used to be a welder of stainless steel. He has lived in London eight years, and originally comes from Leeds.


This is the second time one of Richard’s photos has been in the top 20 photos of the MyLondon Photo Project. The fi rst one was in 2016 and was a dawn shot of Trafalgar Square and can be seen on www.cafeart.org.uk/gallery.

2019 MyLondon top 20: April 2020 in MyLondon calendar by Richard Riley


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