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8 x12 A4 Print. Includes certificate of authenticity from the photographer which includes story accompanying photo from exhibition. 


“Charterhouse Square is one of my favourite ‘secret escapes’ in London. I noticed this flower in the gutter. Straight away the symbolism hit me. If you are homeless and you keep trying you will eventually blossom. The flower is a Spanish Bluebell. I think the connection between homelessness, the gutter and blossoming forth

is quite a strong one.”


“June 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Charles Dickens. The London Museum named after him where he once lived and wrote his first three novels is well worth a visit. He was also an example of how you can rise from the gutter and blossom.”


This is the 2nd time that Richard has a photo in the calendar following on from a success in 2017. He says his artwork keeps him going and can be found on “I’m also writing a book plus co-scripting a feature film about my amazing god-daughter which has been taken up by a

leading director. So not all doom and gloom.”

2019 MyLondon top 20: Kerbside Bloom, Barbican by Richard Fletcher

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