8 x12 A4 Print. Includes certificate of authenticity from the photographer which includes story accompanying photo from exhibition. 


“I decided to take a picture of the scenery and my friend Stephen decided to pop his head in the picture. You know what? It turned out to be a pretty good picture. I wasn’t looking at the [reflection on the] road itself but it’s a beautiful addition to the picture. I was just trying to take the best shot.”


Originally from the US, Deep has been living in the UK for over 13 years and has been going to Crisis for a year. “Photography and music was something I had dabbled within the past.” Deep goes to the photography group run by Jeff Hubbard at Crisis. “At Crisis I decided ‘why not get back into photography and music at the same time?’ I used to write Rap and perform songs. I’m not rapping per se yet but I think I will get back into it.”

2019 MyLondon top 20: Photobomb by Deep. February 2020 in MyLondon calendar


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