8 x12 A4 Print. Includes certificate of authenticity from the photographer which includes story accompanying photo from exhibition. 


“This is Bob – I have known him for about 27 years now. He’s always at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday with this sign. I think he’s right as compared to 27 years ago things have got worse economically, politically, socially, everything.” Lui says he loves London because “it’s multi-cultural, it’s open to everyone, there is freedom of speech.”


“I became homeless because my landlord wanted to refurbish the place and he kicked me out.” After sofa surfi ng for a few weeks he ended up in a hostel in west London. “Well I have a home now but I have no job. I started going to 240 Project about nine months ago to do painting. I love it so much. I like to, if I can, ‘open the door to myself’ with the art.”


Lui’s advice to anyone who is homeless now is to “always think positively and don’t lose hope. Something will turn up. I know the sign says ‘It’s going to get worse’, but it’s going to get better.”

2019 MyLondon top 20: January 2020 photo of Speakers' Corner by Lui Saatchi


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