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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded. No message. Includes envelope.


Caption on the back reads:


Arati Kharwa lives on Bodyguard Lane, Tardeo in Central Mumbai. She is a 25 year-old flower seller, a profession her family have been involved in for decades. She wants to save enough money to ensure she can give her family a safe and sure home. While she earns for her family, she loves to spend time with them as well and she says her photography is inspired by their love.

2023 MYMUMBAI Project
2024 MYLMUMBAI calendar (cover photo)


Profits from the sale of our greeting cards, photographs and calendars go to Pehchan, Mumbai and to the photographers, all of whom have lived experience of homelessness. To donate to Pehchan or MyWorld or buy cards, photographs or calendars visit

NEW! Greetings card: Dadar West by Arati Kharwa

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