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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Maria holding the painting she just bought from Mateus. The smile in Mateus's face says it all - proud & happy. Thanks, Maria and well done, Mateus

Easy! There's no problem whatsoever with this Maria! The big-hearted owner of Maria's Cafe at Borough Market, who is currently sharing her wall space with our artists, loved the art hanging on her wall so much that she decided to buy one of them! So we took Mateus to meet Maria, and what a great afternoon it turned out to be. The both of them connected instantly and had a deep conversation together. Mateus was so touched and moved by what Maria had to say about her art. And that is not all. Maria is eyeing on another piece to buy, and we shall be arranging another artist to pop down for a cup of coffee with her soon. Well, this Maria is definitely an asset to Cafe Art!

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