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Privacy policy

We are committed to making sure that your personal information is protected and never misused. 


When we talk about 'personal information' here, what we mean is any data which could directly or indirectly be used to identify you - for example your name, email, your computer's IP address or information we hold to help support those that use our services such as date of birth or career history.


Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, and explains the control you have over your personal information and the procedures we have in place to protect it. It applies to personal information we collect through our services and marketing communications including our website, email, SMS, in person, post and by telephone.


We take responsibility for the personal information we collect about you, and we aim to be transparent about how we handle it, and give you control over it.


Cafe Art takes the protection of your personal information seriously. Our values include treating everyone with dignity and this includes making sure we keep your privacy in mind.


Cafe Art never sells or exchanges our supporter's information with other organisations. ('Supporters' means people who have volunteered or bought the MyLondon calendar).


This privacy policy tells you;


  • what information we collect about you

  • the ways in which Cafe Art collects your information when you support us

  • our legal basis for using that information

  • what the information may be used for.


This privacy policy also outlines your rights about your personal information.


We consider your privacy in everything we do. Privacy policies can be complex. We have tried to make ours as clear and as accessible as possible. We have also summarised how we handle your personal information at Cafe Art in our privacy principles below.


At Cafe Art we are committed to protecting your privacy and handling your personal information in the right way and as you would expect it to be handled:



  1. We will only ask for or collect the personal information that we need to run and improve our services and to talk to you about our work - such as volunteering or buying art or photographs by people affected by homelessness or supporting the MyLondon photo project by buying the annual MyLondon calendar.

  2. We give you control over the personal information we hold about you to make sure it is accurate.

  3. We make sure your personal information is always secure and protected.

  4. We are fair and transparent about how we use the personal information we hold.

  5. We only ever use your personal information for the purpose that you trusted us to use it for.

  6. We will never sell your personal information and only share it as outlined in our privacy policy, or when you ask us to.

  7. We respect your choices and will tell you if there are important changes that affect your personal information or how we use it.

  8. We take responsibility for the personal information that we hold about you.  

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