2022 MYLONDON calendar


Wall calendar
240mm x 240mm (9.5" x 9.5")
£10.99 (calendars sent out from Oct 25)

Desktop calendar
200mm x 200mm (7.9" x 7.9")
Spiro bind on cardboard stand 

£10.99  (calendars sent out from Oct 25)

About the 2021 MyLondon Photo Project


We asked photographers who have been affected by homelessness for photos they had taken since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in early April 2020. The theme was “beautiful London”. 


Fujifilm supported the Cafe Art RPS Photography Mentoring Group with digital cameras since 2015 and this year several of the calendar photos were taken on those cameras, including the X-1 and X-T30. Art groups run by homeless charities also participated in the project. The MYLONDON Photo Project usually uses 100 single-use Fujifilm QuickSnap cameras and the participants have seven days to capture photos of London. This year, because of supply problems, we used digital cameras.


The MYLONDON Photo Project empowers people by giving them skills and building their self-esteem. Participants in the contest are either currently homeless, have experienced homelessness in the pastor are at risk of becoming homeless through addiction or mental health issues. While many people have been rehoused, they are still vulnerable.


Income from the sale of the 2022 MYLONDON calendar funds this project, with participants getting photography training and receiving their photos from the contest for free. Prizes of £2,000 are awarded to photographers. Photographers also receive 50% of profits from the sale of their photographs. Calendars are also sold in London markets, railway stations and selected shops (listed on our website) between early November and January. Vendors in markets and railway stations earn up to 50% of the sale price of each calendar sold, unless they are volunteering with a partner homelessness-sector charity. In that case they will earn the 50% for their charity.

2021 MyLondon cards 
£2.50 each (cards come with envelopes)
Cards sent out from Oct 25

2022-00-cover-ShenanChandler web image.jpeg
2022-01-GeraldineCrimmins web.jpeg
2022-02-Anastasia web.jpeg
2022-03-MichelleGoldberg web.jpeg
2022-04-ShenanChandler web.jpeg
2022-05-GeraldineCrimmins web.jpeg
2022-06-SaffronSaidi web.jpeg
2022-07-GoskaCalik web.jpeg
2022-08-MichelleAllsop web.jpeg
2022-09-GoskaCalik web.jpeg
2022-10-ShenanChandler web.jpeg
2022-11-LuiSaatchi web.jpeg
2022-12-Anastasia web.jpeg
2022-Card 14-Samantha web.jpeg
2022-Card 15-Maurice web.jpeg
2022-card 18-GarethSell web.jpeg
2022-Card 19-KennyMurphy web.jpeg
2022-Card 20-VivianeBoulay web.jpeg
2022-Card 17-WayneChin web.jpeg
2022-Card 16-MichaelCrosswaite web.jpeg