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Let the 2015 contest begin …

Camera packs being distributed by the many big-hearted volunteers who took the day off to help.

A very big and humongous 'thank you' to all the volunteers and PRS members who came to help in our 3rd annual photography contest held at St Paul's Cathedral on Friday 3rd July. We couldn't have done it without you guys - and that's the honest truth! Special thanks too to Nicholas Salmon and his Team at St Paul'sfor the use of the Wren Suite & facilities, as well as Giovanna of The Pret Foundation Trustfor feeding everyone for the third year running. And Fujifilm UK, of course, for supplying the single-use cameras. Last but not least, thank you too to all the participants (and their support workers) for taking part. With clear skies over the weekend, we expect to see stunning shots from all of them again this year. Good luck! So stay tuned to this website to keep updated on the judging process, the Spitalfields photo exhibition plus the launch of Cafe Art's 2016 MYLONDON calendar, and how & where to buy them .....! Lastly, you can read some of the press coverage by clicking on the logos below:

Registering for the photo contest at The Wren Suite, St Paul's Cathedral.

All thanks to Pret A Manger for generously feeding everyone for the 3rd year running.

Meeting old friends, and making new ones, while waiting for the contest to begin ...

Roger Kelly (RPS London's Deputy Regional Organiser) giving tips on how to capture potential winning images using Fuji's single-use camera.

Our special Guest Speaker, David Tovey, who is one of the 2014 winning photographers inspires and motivates the audience.

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