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Planting ‘art’ at Endsleigh Gardens, WC1

St Mungo's at Endsleigh Gardens is a new and innovative 57 bedded hostel for homeless men and women, strategically based in the Euston/King’s Cross area.  It provides an access facility to London's homeless, which means that it will be constantly accessible to rough sleepers and therefore a busy and changing environment 24 hours a day. Accommodation is provided in clustered single rooms predominantly, offering basic self catering facilities, it will also offer a small high care facility and the hostel will meet mobility standards.

Having undergone a recent refurbishment, the staff felt that there was something amiss. The walls on the ground floor were bare! So who did they call? The ARTbusters (aka Cafe Art), of course! Armed with 6 beautiful drawings, including some by artists from other St Mungo's hostels, we headed down and transformed the walls in just one morning. No spooky tales, but just wonderful works of art.

Many thanks to Daniella, Wills & Natalie ....!

Natalie, Daniela and guest in front of the once 'blank' walls at Endsleigh Gardens.

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