Who needs friends when you have ‘Friends’!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Paul Grey, Head of Facilities, in front of a painting by Zin.

Located right in the heart of Euston, London, Friends House is a sustainable and green venue, which also happen to be the central offices of Quakers in Britain. One of their believes is of an effective social safety net based on dignity and compassion as a vital foundation of a just society. Sure enough, action speaks louder than words, as the Manager of  The Quaker Centre and Bookshop, Lily Moss-Norbury, connected with what Cafe Art stood

Lily and colleague in front of ROL's magnificent 'Resurrection'.

for. She opened up the wall spaces in the cafe area, as well as the corridors on the ground floor to showcase both photographs (a selection of winning shots from the MyLondon photo series) and beautiful artworks from the artists. Being such a popular meeting and conference venue due to its location, we can't thank Paul Grey, Lily, her Team and Friends House enough for this opportunity to generate awareness of homelessness in such a positive and inspiring surrounding.

A selection of the MyLondon winning shots on display.

Beautiful artworks now occupy the corridors of Friends House.

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