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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded with envelope.



 Richard took a shot of his cat Stanley who he has had for just over a year. “He’s still a youngster.” The photo is on his balcony with the Cranbrook Estate in the forground and Canary Wharf on the horizon. He has lived in his flat for about four years after being in a hostel. Richard used to go to a Tower Hamlets council-run day centre called Pritchard’s Road until 2020 when it closed. Upon hearing about the MYLONDON project he organised a group of ex-Pritchard’s Road friends and they went to the camera handout together.

2023 MYLONDON exhibition (Third Place Judges’ Choice, First Place People’s Choice), 2024 MYLONDON calendar (October).

Greetings card: Black cat by Richard Riley

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