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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded. No message. Includes envelope.


Caption on the back reads:


“The dog is called Margaret and she lives in Islington” says Alex Davies, who went to the Ten Feet Away art group at Margins in the Union Chapel, Islington when the photo was taken in July 2014. “I normally take photographs really easily all day,” she says, adding that the photo contest with a film camera felt “kind of different [because I was] using a small view finder after using phone cameras. I went to the park and Janet was there with her dog Margaret who’s an Airedale.” Alex said she had many local friends who’ve got dogs and was painting dogs at Margins for her Pet Icons project. Talking about the photo, Margaret is resting on the paving after running about with the other dogs, “I like the bench in the background and the tree outlines: That IS my London.” 2014 MyLondon exhibition top 20 winner.

Greetings card: Margaret, Islington by Alex Davies

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