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Sikandar Mansuri lives with his family in Bodyguard Lane, Tardeo, and sells flowers and garlands on the street. He took this photo of an auto rickshaw in the northern part of the city as they are not allowed in southern regions of Mumbai, where he resides. Sikander’s day starts early as he goes to the flower market to procure the flowers, which his wife turns into garlands. He then stands on the streets of the city and in front of big societies to sell them. He says that festivals are the best time of year for his business. He hopes to open a proper flower shop one day to expand his business so that he can send his children to school.


2023 MYMUMBAI Project

2024 MYMUMBAI calendar (June)


Profits from the sale of our greeting cards, photographs and calendars go to Pehchan, Mumbai and to the photographers, all of whom have lived experience of homelessness. To donate to Pehchan or MyWorld or buy cards, photographs or calendars visit

NEW! Greetings card: Auto Rickshaw, Mumbai by Sikandar Mansuri

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