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Shobha Kharwa is a resident of Bodyguard Lane and is a bartanwali, who barters utensils for old clothes – a system of recycling that was once omnipresent in the city but has been dwindling fast over the last 20 years. She wanted a photo to be clicked of her with the resident dogs. Homeless communities have deep associations with stray dogs and often take care of them. 


2023 MYMUMBAI Project

2024 MYMUMBAI calendar (November)


Profits from the sale of our greeting cards, photographs and calendars go to Pehchan, Mumbai and to the photographers, all of whom have lived experience of homelessness. To donate to Pehchan or MyWorld or buy cards, photographs or calendars visit

NEW! Greetings card: Bodyguard Lane by Shobha Kharwa (photographic director)

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