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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded. No message. Includes envelope.


Caption on the back reads:


Richard Fletcher was walking past a taxi company on Old Street: “First I just saw the bus and I thought ‘oh, right, interesting’ and then I saw the sign and I thought ‘Oh my goodness.’” Richard was sleeping in railway stations including St Pancras when he started selling the MYLONDON calendar and now the income from it helps him to pay for backpackers hostels. He has had two more photos in the annual MYLONDON calendar after this shot and in 2023 was on of the offical jury choosing the 2023 MYLONDON exhibition winners, and following the public vote, the 2024 MYLONDON calendar. March in 2017 MYLONDON calendar.

NEW! Greetings card: Drivers Wanted, Old Street by Richard Fletcher

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