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Akash Raju Kharwa took this photo of his friend Nitin on Marine Drive. Akash, a 19-year-old from the Kharwa community was brought up in Bodyguard Lane in Tardeo after his family had to vacate their ancestral home in Gujarat due to a natural calamity and arrived in the city seeking a livelihood. Akash sells plastic cricket balls on the streets of Mumbai and is a huge fan of sport. Even though he couldn’t afford to go to school, he wants to provide for his family as much as he can and has aspirations of improving their condition as he grows up. He said the photograph is a reflection of his dreams. 


2023 MYMUMBAI Project

2024 MYMUMBAI calendar (September)


Profits from the sale of our greeting cards, photographs and calendars go to Pehchan, Mumbai and to the photographers, all of whom have lived experience of homelessness. To donate to Pehchan or MyWorld or buy cards, photographs or calendars visit

NEW! Greetings card: Marine Drive, South Mumbai by Akash Raju Kharwa

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