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How to handle today’s ‘challenging’ kids

Rita and Lucy from The Challenge, with Ray and David, the photographers, on either side.

Easy peasy! Especially when the young adults are part of The Challenge, as they are all simply amazing, engaging, enthusiastic and responsible individuals. So when The Challenge approached Cafe Art for the 3rd year running to help with their summer project to build a more integrated society by bringing together people from all ages, ethnicities and walks of life to connect communities and build trust, two of our 2015 calendar photographers offered their assistance. How great is that! So this week photographers, Ray & David, and Cafe Art had the pleasure to meet up with a dozen young adults from various schools in Barnet. And using photography as a tool for engagement. (Last year's was art!) For a reality check, the first afternoon was spend hearing first hand from both David and Ray about what rough sleeping is like in London, and the support services that are available from the many homelessness organisations. They then focused on the positivities in their lives and how art/photography has been an inspirational tool for them. They talked about their participation in the Cafe Art annual photo competition, and what it's like to have winning shots in the calendars. The calendars have been bought not only by locals, but also people from abroad. So they have their photographs and stories read by people all over the world. Now - that is what joining up the dots in the community world is about! The young adults kept both of them busy for the rest of the afternoon as they had many questions on photography and rough sleeping. David even brought along some of his many photographs to share with them to make the discussion even more interactive. The next day, the young adults were split into 2 groups, each led by either David or Ray, for a walkabout photo-shoot in the Camden/Kentish Town area. And what amazing shots were captured in just one afternoon! The young adults now have the difficult task of choosing photos for a poster they will be producing to tell their story and to connect everyone! So stay tuned to be kept updated. And who dare says that kids these days are challenging ....!  Thank you to the 12 young adults as they have definitely lifted both Ray's and David's spirits in the process too, by 'connecting' with them.

Twelve amazing young adults from Barnet, with David and Ray, Lucy, Rita and Theo from The Challenge.

Getting a reality check - hearing their stories on rough sleeping, but with positive connotations.

Hand-on approach to photography at Camden Town.

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