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Preview of 2021 MyLondon & MyWorld

30-day campaign starts September 17

London, September 3, 2020

We are preparing to launch the 2021 MyLondon calendar and the first ever MyWorld calendar on Thursday 17 September. 

This year has been very difficult for everyone. When we put the photograph saying "It's going to get worse" as the January image of the 2020 MyLondon calendar we didn't know how true the message was.

This year, because of Covid-19, we cancelled all our projects, including the MyLondon photography contest. However we realised that we could still produce an amazing "best of" calendar. 

We are also publishing a beautiful MyWorld calendar which includes photographs from projects we have helped start in Budapest, New Orleans, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Toronto and of course London.

We are also printing a set of four cards will feature Dogs of the World and another set will be Portraits.

Please check out the online Shop. It will not be selling until Thursday September 17. It will be just like the annual Kickstarter, but will be on our website: a 30-day campaign, regular updates on the total raised, and of course all the photos and products on show.

Kind regards,

Paul and Michael

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