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Below: Wayne Chin poses with his photo of the Solitude Skater, Brixton which is also June in the 2024 MYLONDON calendar. Wayne was photographed by Isabel Gonzalez Belobradic

Local East London Lines journalist Isabel Gonzalez really captured the essence of what we are trying to achieve with our MYLONDON and MYMUMBAI projects and the resulting photography mentoring group run by volunteers from the RPS.

In the article Gonzalez interviews participant Wayne Chin about his experience. Wayne says: “I’m struggling with drug addiction and suicidal ideation, so being part of this photography group and being mentored by them helps me to resolve certain issues within myself, meaning that sometimes when you feel, or myself when I feel like I want to have a fix or want to use drugs, I would turn to do photography and express thought and passion through the visual art.” 

David Hicks from the RPS said about the projects: “Some organisations ask homeless people to photograph their life which is not outward looking but inward looking.  

“For both the calendars we asked them to photograph what they love about their city. What they love about living there. It really tells the world that even if you’re homeless you can have a happy, beautiful city.” 

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