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'This is Where I Live' is open!

James Gray Logistics Coordinator of Cafe Art, Rick Henderson CEO of Homeless Link, Sarah Caldwell-Watson COO of Cafe Art & Paul Ryan Director of Cafe Art.

We were delighted to open another year of our international exchange last night at the wonderful Kahaila Café on Brick Lane. An impressive 28 works are now on display from six different cities and created by artists that are, or have recently been homeless. The works are filled with intrigue and beauty, from detailed illustrations of Mumbai street scenes to mythical landscapes of New Zealand, there is something for everyone. 

We may not all speak Hindi or German, but as Rick CEO of Homeless link so aptly said last night “art is a universal language”, it crosses boarders and barriers that would otherwise seem impossible. It gives people a lifeline when they are struggling to stay afloat. It’s a form of expression and emotion that can’t always be put into words.

 This exhibition strives to tell these artist’s stories, their hopes, their dreams and their sorrows. It invites you to explore issues of homelessness on a global and local level and creates solidarity between all the cities in raising public awareness and recognition of these artists’ work and talent, as well as promoting art as a tool for personal expression, creative growth and positive transformation.

This is the only exchange of its kind in the world, so please, if you couldn’t make it last night stop by Kahaila Café grab a coffee, some cake and take in the inspiring art on the walls. Also, remember the artworks are for sale and 80% of the sale goes directly to the artist and 20% goes straight back into the project and enables us to continue to support these wonderful artists. 

Thank you to Kahaila Café and Homeless Link for their on going support over the years. Also a huge thank you to all the artists and organisations that help make this exhibition what it is. 

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