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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded. No message. Includes envelope.


Caption on the back reads:


“I’ve always been a fan of street art in London and sine I was a teen this mural has been one of my favourites. Created by Ray Walker in 1985, it was painted to promote peace and unity, while making a statement against nuclear weapons. “Being able to combine my love of music and street art in photography is really cool. I met Tashomi around 10 years ago at a gig, so when I had the idea for this shot, he came to mind. I asked him to play his sax while taking the pictures, which meant we attracted some attention. Tashomi began playing the saxophone aged 16, is in an Afrobeats band and is currently a resident at a live music bar in Soho.” 2017 MyLondon top 20 exhibition, 2018 MyLondon calendar

Greetings card: Hackney Sax, Dalston Junction by Maya Simeon

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