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Cafe Art in Spitalfields Week starts soon!

Café Art would like to welcome you to the MyLondon Photo Project exhibition, the public vote (for the 2019 MyLondon calendar) and our artist market week at Spitalfields Art Market from the 30th of July and the 5th of August.

It’s an exciting time for us next week! Not only are we hanging a massive 227 photo exhibition from all the participating photographers that took part in the MyLondon project, when 100 one-time-use cameras were handed out for five days, but also giving you all a chance to vote on your favourite images out of the top 20 finalists! You are helping us create the 2019 calendar!

We also have been given several artist "pods" at Spitalfields Arts Market to showcase and sell artworks by our wonderful artists including James Gray’s “I dream in colour” collection, Tendekai’s “Tenze” collection and various other Café Art artists.

For the first time since we have been given the art market, our artists are working alongside, and be mentored by, professional art vendors at Spitalfields. Sara Sherwood, Steve Yates and Gary Phillips will give them advice on how to sell and showcase their work within an art market environment.

Finally, we have a selection of wonderful exhibition called “L’Atelier - Hard Gold” a collection of Senegalese art made by children that live on the streets and suffer from extreme poverty and dire circumstances. By exhibiting these works we hope to raise awareness and funds for these children to empower themselves out of poverty and violence.

We couldn’t do this without the support of all of you, so please come down to Spitalfields and immerse yourself among the all the talent and beautiful imagery that this year's artists have produced!

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