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Connecting hearts with art

A very happy Ray signing the print for Lesley.

We are really happy that we managed to sell 2 pieces of artworks within a week for the artists. The first one was 'After Margate/Tracy Emin' painted by John Sheehy which caught the eye of Mr Phil Baird when he visited John's solo exhibition "The Colours Choose Me" the other week. Sadly, the exhibition was un-installed by the time he decided to purchase it. So he dropped Cafe Art an email. Nothing was too difficult - we arrange a meeting for Phil to meet up with John in a cafe in town. And with the artwork. John had a chance to explain to Phil what inspired him to paint it. And Phil got an opportunity to tell John why he liked it. Simple! The second big-hearted individual was Lesley Bond whereby Ray's 'Red Squirrel' caught her attention when she walked into Coffee7 at Forest Gate. She emailed us and we went down with Ray, the artist. She was able to explain to Ray the reason for her purchase. A special birthday present for her sister as when she last visited her they both saw a squirrel on the grounds of a retreat. What a fantastic and meaningful gift Again simple, but a great way to connect two people whose paths would have never crossed in their lives. Yet through one's talent, and the other the love of art, they are brought together to get to know a bit about each other's lives ......  That's what Cafe Art means by 'connecting hearts with art ...."

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