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How to stay connected in the 21st Century – the Cafe Art way

Judy 'connected' with David through his painting which she recently purchased at Oliver's Village Cafe, NW3.

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Google+?

Strangely enough - many of us are connected 24/7 through the internet these days, and yet somehow one still feels 'unconnected'.  So what is Cafe Art's secret to really make a connection in today's world?

Well, the answer is dead simple, and Cafe Art is passionate about it. We try our very best to ensure that buyers of all the wonderful artworks get a chance to meet with the artist, where possible. It makes perfect sense!  It gives a huge boost in self-esteem for the artist to be able to explain the reasons behind his/her painting, and to get an insight into how it's interpreted by the buyer, and why he/she wanted to buy and own it. It's a powerful, fulfilling, meaningful and inspiring experience for both parties. And we highly recommend it!

Here's what one recent buyer, Judy Boxer, had to say:

"Buying the picture from the Cafe Art display at our local cafe turned out to be so much more than I had envisioned.  I thought I was purchasing a picture that I loved, but it turned out that I was also supporting an incredible social enterprise, Cafe Art.  Cafe Art supports homeless people by helping them find their inner strength and realise their own worth.  I was able to meet with the artist of the painting I purchased, hear his story, and find out how finding his own inner creativity had helped him turn his life around.  I am grateful to Cafe Art for providing me with this opportunity, and I now have a wonderful piece of art to share with family and friends."

We hope you share with us this simple, but yet highly effective 'connection' when you buy any art from the artists or join us in any of our public events. It's engrained in the ethos behind Cafe Art, and that's how we stay connected in today's hectic world.

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