MyLondon in Phoenix Blend cafe

Phoenix Blend cafe is currently hosting a selection of black and white photographs from the MyLondon collection. The set of seven photos were taken over the past few years by people who have experience homelessness. They were taken on one-time use cameras in a the My London Photography Contest and all of them were in the annual My London exhibition by Cafe Art. The exhibition is part of a research project by King's College student Silvia Tudini. The selection of seven images are: All In by Amadeus Xavier Quadeer (2014)

Steve and Tony sit on this Islington Green bench often, says Amadeus Xavier Quadeer. ‘I gave them an incentive: “If I win a prize, you get 20% - and they were up for it! So the words on the bus are quite appropriate!’ Amadeus, who originates from the Midlands but has lived in London since the ‘60s, says art is therapeutic, adding it calms him and allows him to interact socially with all types of people. His UK clothing business was affected by production moving offshore. ‘I was a home-owner but my house got repossessed. When I was homeless SHP helped to re-house me in 2010.’ This image was February in the 2015 MyLondon calendar Friday Night by Kerri G (2013)