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MyLondon & MyWorld available now!

The annual MyLondon calendar has been joined by the 2021 MyWorld calendar this year and both are available now!

Proceeds from both calendars - which cost £10.99 each - are going directly to the photographers whose photos appear in them: each photographer will receive £50 each (US$66). Customers wanting to help the vendors who normally sell the calendars in London markets can use the Promo Code CAV2021 on the online shop and 50% of the sale price will go to the vendors fund!

The photos in the calendars comes from London's annual MyLondon Photo Project contest from 2013-2019 and from the other cities who run partner projects. The MyWorld calendar features 12 photos: two each from Budapest, London, New Orleans, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Toronto.

Despite all London projects run by Cafe Art being cancelled in 2020, including the photo contest, we decided to keep the MyLondon project alive by producing a "best of" calendar. More than 150 Cafe Art supporters voted on 300 photos in the summer and from the vote both calendars were chosen.

A survey also asked people what they would like to buy as well as calendars - and from the feedback in that survey we decided to produce the two sets of greetings cards: Dogs of the World and Portraits. There are four cards in each set and they sell for £9.99.

Normally we would be out and about London selling face-to-face to the public in November and December. Unfortunately London is on a lockdown until December 2nd, so we can only sell online. We are very grateful to the hundreds of people who have already bought online - supporting our crowdfunder. This enabled us to print the calendar and pay for the shipping costs - and of course pay the photographers.

We also were able to pay for costs involved with the project with a grant from the Social Enterprise Support Fund.

To buy the calendars and cards, please visit Why not order for friends and family? We can ship to them directly!

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