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MyLondon photographer in new London exhibition

Hugh Gary had already started his photography training at West London University when he entered the MyLondon Photography Contest in 2016 securing second place in the pubic vote and a place in the 2017 MyLondon calendar.

Later this month he will be in a group exhibition entitled Unfairground.

The group, called West Twelve, has "innovative installations exploring fairness and the unfair."

Described as a "multi-sensory exhibition" in Weston Hall, St Mary’s Road Campus, University of West London, Ealing on Thursday 23rd March 5.30 - 8.30pm.

Exhibition curator Kirsty Meredith says “you can expect a rollercoaster ride!” Ominously, the press release has a warning: "Height restrictions may apply to some attractions."

Hugh Gary is an ex-British Army serviceman and was helped into housing by the West London Mission’s Big House, a homeless hostel for ex-servicemen.

“I went overseas to a few places: all over the Middle East, Australia, Canada.” In the army for 10 years, he left in 2013. “A lot of the homeless people in London are ex-service.” Hugh lives in a self-contained flat after progressing on from the Big House hostel seven months ago. “And then it’s into the big world after that. The flat is only temporary – it’s still part of the Big House. It’s so residents can get used to paying bills.”

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