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The artists are appearing at CoffeeE7 too!

L to R: Mick, Daniel, Ray (the artist) and Ettie of CoffeeE7. Thank you, guys for this opportunity!

This is our third art installation within a week, and it's so good to know that London Cafes and organisations are embracing the artists' talent and creativity whole-heartedly!  From SW4 we tracked over to E7, where we were welcomed by the Team at CoffeeE7 located at 10 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London E7 0NQ.  Nothing was too difficult for them as Mick (the owner) and Daniel (the Manager) have given all the walls in the entire cafe to the artists for the whole month of September. How amazing is that! Ray (the artist) was there to help (again) and even played a few tunes on the piano to entertain the customers. We managed to hang nearly 30 beautiful pieces selected from a range of artists representing almost all of London's homelessness organisations. CoffeeE7 was the first London Cafe to sign up to Suspended Coffee, and it's great to know that their selfless act continues on through with this unique exhibition. So do pop in to say hi to Mick, Daniel & Ettie, and enjoy a great cup of coffee, fabulous food and free wifi, and admire some great art. Thanks so much to CoffeeE7 for your believe, as well as your big heartedness in giving this opportunity to the artists!

The cosy snug room - a place to relax and enjoy your coffee and admire the art!

CoffeeE7 is located at 10 Sebert Road, Forest Gate E7. Great coffee, fab food, free wifi, cosy snug, family friendly and great artwork. What more can one ask for!

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