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Wardrobes Auction! Top UK artists’ work auctioned online for Cafe Art

Cafe Art will benefit thanks to Welsh clothing company howies® who have donated four incredible wardrobes which are being auctioned now on ebay! The wardrobes were created in 2003 by four top UK illustrators for a point-of-sale campaign to display a range of organic tee-shirts. When the campaign was launched they featured in displays in Selfridges and boutique shops across the country. Carter Wong Design (CWD), who came up with the campaign, said they "looked to the world around us for inspiration; sourcing fourteen abandoned and unloved wardrobes and using these to form the basis for our point of sale idea. We then enlisted 14 artists and illustrators to customise each wardrobe with topical issues, such as junk mail, food miles, fish farms, brand power or GM food." "Each of the four winning bidders will receive a one-of-a-kind, individually illustrated wardrobe that is, in itself, a piece of art with a deeper story to tell." Read more about the wardrobes on the Carter Wong Design (CWD) and howies® websites and make a bid on eBay today! We encourage you to tweet this using #howieswardrobeauction. We only have 10 days to sell these! More about the designers of the wardrobes: Ian Wright With a career as a commercial illustrator spanning four decades, Ian Wright has worked for many famous names, such as Issey Miyake and Givenchy. His illustrative artwork has been exhibited internationally, including London’s Design Museum and New York’s Times Square, and in publications such as The New Yorker, Sunday Times Magazine and The Guardian. He adopted the use of photocopiers at an early stage in his career creating illustrative images by changing single colour toners within the machine to mimic the screen print process. Ian used this media to decorate his wardrobe, adorning it with black and white photocopy paper and number badges, which formed the shape of a skull and crossbones from a distance to communicate the wastefulness attributed with junk mail as the villain of the piece. Paul Davis Based in East London, Paul Davis has been working successfully as an illustrator for many years, hosting exhibitions and giving talks worldwide. He has worked with some of the world’s most established clients, including publications such as the New York Times and Vogue. He has been awarded numerous accolades recognising his ability as an illustrator including: Best Illustrator Working Today from readers of Creative Review and Cartoonist of the Year. When decorating his wardrobe, Paul chose to tackle the issue of junk mail by physically using the wardrobe itself to get his message across through the clever use of the pun that ‘Like junk mail, this wardrobe remains unopened’. Aldous Eveleigh Aldous Eveleigh is a fine artist who paints, makes films, writes poetry, creates audio works and even finds time to lecture in his spare time. He gained a BA in illustration/printmaking from Bristol Polytechnic in 1974 and an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art in 1984. Since 1976 he has been holding one-person and group exhibitions each year at home and abroad and decided to illustrate his wardrobe with a vibrant map of the world and used fruit label stickers to highlight the unnecessary air miles much of the food on our tables has accumulated to get to us. Roderick Mills As an illustrator, Roderick Mills adopts a simplistic approach and prefers to use cheap working materials that enable him to avoid becoming precious about his art. In 2007 Roderick ventured into moving image and received a Sciart Award from the Wellcome Trust to fund a collaborative project, producing an animation entitled ‘Immortal Stories’, an investigation into the way Cancer is portrayed in the movies, which received high acclaim. Currently, he finds great joy in his role as a lecturer at the University of Brighton and Central St Martins College of Art & Design. When illustrating his wardrobe, Roderick chose to adorn the panels of with drawings of different multinational brands to convey the power these corporations have in our world today and the importance of consumer choice. Carter Wong Design have designed the Cafe Art calendars for the past three years at no charge.

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