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MyLondon exhibition in Spitalfields from 30 July

MYLONDON 100 cameras were handed out on Thursday 21 June at St Paul's Cathedral, resulting in more than 2,000 photos. 20 will be chosen for the public vote to decide the 2019 MyLondon calendar. Another 200 are also on display, and are for sale to earn an income for the photographers.

Photographs and art by people affected by homelessness will fill Spitalfields Arts Market next week for seven days.

The annual photography project - MyLondon - where 100 one-time-use Fujifilm cameras were given out in June has produced amazing results. The exhibition will display more than 225 photos from the cameras returned. With a theme of "my London" the participants show their view on what London looks like to them.

This is not an exhibition of what homelessness looks like. The photographers, all who have been or still are sleeping rough, are living in hostels or have recently been housed, were asked to take photos of their London. This could include homelessness, but as they photos show, show a London most of them love as much as any other Londoner.

Twenty of the photos were selected as being in the final vote. The top 13 will appear in the 2019 MyLondon calendar which will be sold by the participants and other people who have experienced homelessness. All of the participants chose three photos each and these photos were added to the main exhibition.

Also in Spitalfields Arts Market next week will be artists who are being mentored by regular market traders on how to sell their art in the market.

MyLondon Photo Project Exhibition and Cafe Art Artists in Spitalfields Arts Market, Monday 30 July to Sunday 5 August. Opening event Monday 30 July 3pm.

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