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Analysing responses: a photography exhibition with a difference

When Silvia Tudini said that she wanted to research the public's response to our art and photographs in cafes we couldn't refuse. A student from King's College London, the research is part of a research project will be a part of a Masters thesis. The cafe chosen, the first of several in the research, is Phoenix Blend in Bell Lane, near Spitalfields, east London. The first images chosen are black and white photographs from the MyLondon Photography Contest over the last few years. The framed photos will have a QR code on the caption, leading to the Cafe Art website where the full captions describing the photos will be.

Phoenix Blend Cafe, Bell Lane, London E1.

Silvia says: "The study investigates audience interaction and participation in and with the artworks displayed in the Café. The research involves observational ethnography with the use of photography, with the scope to find out how different style, as well as the inclusion of information on the work, can lead to engagement in the visitors. "The visitors and customers of the cafes are the primary subjects of the study. The research involves personally observing and taking photos of the audience in the space."  

Phoenix Blend Cafe, Bell Lane, London E1.

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