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Good news to end 2023

2024 will begin on strong foundations for Cafe Art and the new MyWorld charity

As we end 2023 we just wanted to thank all our supporters who either bought calendars and cards, or who keep up with our efforts to make a difference to the lives of people who are and have been homeless.

Regarding the sales of the 2024 MYLONDON calendar, we're ahead of last year in sales numbers which bodes well for us selling all of the 5,000 we printed this year. The UK economy is in a bad way and the cost of living crisis and inflation is causing many people to hold back on spending so we are making an even bigger effort to sell with the vendors.

Good News

The Vendor's Fund, set up to buy smartphones for vendors, has helped us buy phones for the project in general. (If you order a calendar use Promo Code VF2024 to get £1 off calendars and also support the fund)

Smartphones are used to sell the calendars in markets and Elizabeth line stations. Even better news - vendors who have never had phones before are accepting them. One vendor who is in his 50s has signed up to an email address for the first time as well as taking the phone. This is a huge step for him.

Another vendor who uses his earnings to prebook backpacker hostels online every week in London is applying to be in a local authority-run hostel. This is also a huge step for this individual and could not have happened without his job selling MYLONDON calendars.

Advisory Panel

Above: Adam from the Elizabeth line Ambassadors holds up one of the desktop calendars in front of a display of calendars and cards at Ealing Broadway Station earlier this month.

The MyWorld charity will take over all fundraising activities from Cafe Art in March (you can still donate here until then!). We are very appreciative of the support given by the Elizabeth line Ambassadors who have joined a new committee to help the board of trustees in applying for funding when this transition occurs. Cafe Art / MYLONDON and all its activities will still run, but the fundraising side of things will hopefully receive a huge boost.

The Elizabeth line Ambassadors have been hugely supportive of MyLondon for years. Their role in the Elizabeth line is to be the public face to the company which runs from the west of London to the east. If anyone understands our clients - from the time we distribute the cameras to the selling of the MYLONDON calendars - it's them. The goal of the advisory committee is to support the project and we are extremely grateful to them all.

Happy 2024 from everyone at Cafe Art and MyWorld!

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