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Greetings card 130 mm x 180 mm, folded. No message. Includes envelope.


Caption on the back reads:


Mohammad photographed his hand reaching out to a crow which was part of a mural by Otto Schade on Princelet Street, Spitalfields. “There is freedom [in this mural]. The bird is flying with a drone inside the cage.” Explaining his homelessness, he said “I struggled a lot. When you are living in the street you can’t think anything normally. Homelessness is quite related with mental health so you can lose your mind. You also face a loss of physical health. I have anxiety problems because of my mental health... I’m trying my best to overcome this situation.” Mohammad lives in supported accommodation run by Renewal Programme. “I’m trying to get out, to get involved, doing drama class, music and photography with Crisis. I connect with other people, because if you are alone you will be more affected by [mental health issues]. I want to come back again to work and lead a normal life. There is nothing impossible in the world.” 2019 3rd Place (People’s Choice) and Chris Cheesman Award for Most Creative Photo, 2020 MyLondon calendar cover.

Greetings card: Freedom, Brick Lane by Mohammad Hasan

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