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Cafe Art takes over Spitalfields Art Market!

We have been given the Arts Market in Spitalfields once again! We will be there from Monday 9 September to Sunday 15 September, 10am to 5pm every day.

Please join us and check out the art from three of our main artists: Geraldine Crimmins, Michael Crosswaite and James Gray. All three of them have previously been homeless, but have started working for themselves. We are very keen to help them succeed.

Geraldine Crimmins started painting 10 years ago when she was in prison for a drug offence. She has since turned her life around and now mentors artists for Cafe Art as well as selling art and the MyLondon calendar.

Michael Crosswaite is one of Geraldine's mentees - he had a hugely successful art exhibition in Outpost Gallery in Islington and many of his comical paintings will be on sale during the week we are in Spitalfields.

James Gray has come a long way since he was sleeping rough. Now working part time for Cafe Art responsible to curating the art in cafes, he recently was in an exhibition in Gallery 54 in Mayfair, with many new paintings in his I Dream In Colour series.

Why not check out their art on Instagram then come along to meet them in Spitalfields to buy directly from the artist: Geraldine Crimmins, Michael Crosswaite and James Gray.

MyLondon Photo Project Exhibition

We will also be hanging the complete 2019 MyLondon Photo Project exhibition in Spitalfields.

In May 100 disposable Fujifilm Quicksnap cameras were given to people in art groups run by homelessless sector charities in London. They had seven day to capture London. We developed 88 of the cameras that were returned - and this is the result. Everyone was allowed to choose three photos.

The 2020 MyLondon calendar will be officially launched at 3pm on Wednesday 11 September. We have already given our certificates to all the photographers when we had the public vote on the photos for the calendar, but we will have a small celebration to give out certificates to the 13 photographers who got a photo in the calendar. They also win £50 each for their photos, with a bit more for the most popular photo and the cover shot (in total we give out more than £2,500 to participants in the project. The money comes from the calendar sales).

The MyLondon calendar was crowdfunded in July and August on Kickstarter. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here. If you can't join us in the market, you can pre-order the calendar on our website now.

The 2020 MyLondon calendar! This year there is also a desktop version available to purchase.

More than 200 photos from the 2019 MyLondon Photo Project will be displayed in Spitalfields Arts Market between 9 and 15 September.

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