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Kickstarter for 2017 MyLondon calendar is launched!

We are again raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to help us print the calendar: The printing bill this year is £12,000 and we need to pay 1/3 up front in October. UPDATE: On September 10 2016 we completed the Kickstarter campaign and we are now taking orders for the Cafe Art 2017 MyLondon calendar here.

We got off to a great start: we have hit our three-day target of 30% in one day! Kickstarter will hopefully promote us to it's many supporters now, so we will find new people who have not heard about us yet! Watch our video and scroll down the main page to see not only the 13 photos that made it into the calendar but the other 7 in the top 20. The video shows how we succeeded in helping participants who talk with a raw honesty. Cafe Art has a key goal of connecting people who are homeless or have recently been homeless with the wider community. If you back us by ordering a calendar on Kickstarter today it will really help the campaign as early sales help it with promotion on Kickstarter. Please forward this email to friends and family and everyone in your network today - we only have 30 days to reach the £5,000 target! UPDATE: We raised £8,436 in the Kickstarter on September 10 2016. (How do we spend the money?) Cheaper for overseas buyers and AIRMAIL ONLY SHIPPING! The UK pound has devalued by about 20% in the past few months, so even though we have frozen prices, they are cheaper for overseas buyers! The cost of the calendar on Kickstarter is £9.99 (This converts to about US$13 or €11.65) plus shipping costs. This year we are only sending overseas by airmail, and in strong cardboard envelopes! Remember, we get no government funding. We are a social enterprise, so please order a My London calendar today. Thanks for the support!

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