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Cafe Art fundraiser on 5 September!

Cafe Art is holding it's first official fundraiser at Old Diorama Arts Centre on Wednesday 5 September!

With the annual Kickstarter in full swing (it ends on Saturday 15 September), we decided to take advantage of the generous offer by Jacob Stevens at Old Diorama and have an event while exhibiting the full 2018 MyLondon exhibition.

MyLondon photographers launch the Kickstarter on 15 August. The fundraising event is to promote it as we strive to reach our target by 15 September!

Please join us for the event which will encourage people to order the calendar online and to encourage their friends to also so that we reach our target of £7,500. The Kickstarter has been a great way for us to sell the calendar for the past three years, but we won't be able to receive the pledged money unless we actually reach the target!

Please come to the opening at Old Diorama Arts Centre on Wednesday 5 September. We will be opening the event at 5pm and it runs until 8pm. Please book on Eventbrite here.

The photos were shown at Spitalfields in early August. This is a chance to see them if you missed that exhibition in the market.

Photographs from 70 people affected by homelessness will be exhibited at Old Diorama. All are for sale, with 50% of the sale price going to the photographers and 50% into running the project.

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