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Mentoring group get boost from FujiFilm

FujiFilm has donated six digital cameras to the Cafe Art Photography Mentoring Group. This is participant Ceci with Mo, one of the mentors from The Royal Photographic Society.

FujiFilm UK has just donated six reconditioned mirrorless digital cameras to our Cafe Art Photography Mentoring Group, enabling us to help more people gain skills and confidence with digital cameras. The mentoring group for past participants in the annual Cafe Art MyLondon Photography Contest was set up in November and they meet every two weeks at our Whitechapel base, the Qbic Hotel. Cafe Art has a goal of empowering people through art and photography and we see this group as a logical extension to the annual MyLondon Photography Contest. By giving real skills in how to using digital cameras, we are not only engaging people in a group activity, but we are helping them gain real skills which we hope will lead to photography-related employment. At the very least, participants will gain confidence which many have lost during periods of homelessness. Organiser of the group Neil Cordell, from The Royal Photographic Society says the cameras will be a huge asset to the programme which has a goal of giving past top 20 winners new skills. FujiFilm are also supporting the annual MyLondon Photography Contest being held in early July. The group is currently only open to the winners of the contest as we are not wanting to duplicate photography classes run by some of our partner homelessness sector charities. Neil explains that the goal of the group is to help people improve their photography skills from what ever level they are at and to build their confidence when interacting with people they photograph. The group meets on Friday and Saturday afternoons and start with a session on how to use their cameras followed by a walk around East London if the weather permits.

Shop window, Brick Lane, East London. Photo Frances Whitehouse

Fancy an ice cream? Brick Lane, East London. Photo Frances Whitehouse

After school ice creams, Brick Lane, East London. Photo Frances Whitehouse.

Frances Whitehouse talks to the ice cream seller. Photo Goska Calik.

Hipsters, Brick Lane. Photo Goska Calik.

Brick Lane has a large muslim population. Photo Lou Danby.

Barber, Brick Lane. Photo Lou Danby.

Shop keepers, Brick Lane. Photo Lou Danby.

Photographers, Brick Lane. Photo Lou Danby.

RPS PHOTOGRAPHY MENTORING GROUP Goska testing out a camera. Mo snapping a stranger in the background. Photo Lou Danby.

Brick Lane. Photo ROL.

Brick Lane mural. Photo ROL.

Busker, Brick Lane. Photo ROL.

Family group, Brick Lane. Photo ROL.

Brick Lane, East London. Photo ROL.

Shop window, Brick Lane. Photo Ceci.

Shop window, Brick Lane. Photo Ceci.

Goska and Mo checking out the new cameras donated by FujiFilm. After paying the contest winners and production costs, money goes towards expanding the project to empower people affected by homelessness through art and photography. Photo Neil Cordell.

Mo showing Ceci one of the six cameras given to the group by FujiFilm.

ROL and Ceci looking at the cameras at the end of the Saturday walk around Brick Lane.

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