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MyToronto film wins Canadian journalism award

Anne-Marie Jackson's report on MyToronto's inaugural photo contest, exhibition and calendar project last year has won her the Single Multimedia Award at the News Photographers Association of Canada Awards.

The video was taken over several months, from the day the Fujifilm one-time-use cameras were handed out to 90 people affected by homelessness until the day the 2018 MyToronto calendar was launched in October last year.

MyToronto is run by the homelessness-sector charity Ve-ahavta who have partnered with Cafe Art and are running the project which is based on MyLondon. (see more videos from Ve-ahavta here)

MyLondon is now in its sixth year. Run by Cafe Art, it has major support from Fujifilm UK, Carter Wong design, The Royal Photographic Society, Spitalfields E1 Market, Qbic Hotels and many other partners.

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