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Employment Programe

“Everyone says ‘What a good idea it is’ and that helps sell it you know?... It makes you wake up for something... It kind of gets you back into a thinking way of life. Working and things like that. You know, if you’re homeless it is hard to get a job and this has helped do that I suppose. In that respect, even though it’s only for a few months, you know, it still helps.”


– Calendar vendor

From 8 October 2018 participants in the contest will sell the calendar for £9.99.

The calendar is sold on the same basis as The Big Issue magazine, with those selling the calendar earning money from calendars sold. If they work in the market on an official MyLondon table they can earn £4 per calendar sold. If they want to sell for themselves, they can buy the calendars for £5 and sell for £10. Many of the vendors who are involved with this project are the photographers, but not all photographers choose to sell. Likewise, many people who sell are not winning photographers.

Since 2012 sales of MyLONDON calendars have raised more than £85,000 for art groups, artists & vendors.

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