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A Day in the Life of ROL

A meeting of two great photographers - Andy and ROL - standing in front of Andy's favourite photograph in his one-man show. Well done, Andy!

Despite not feeling too well and battling with the wet, windy  and chilly weather, the ever helpful and selfless ROL (artist and winning photographer) continues to help, promote and represent Cafe Art at many of our events (like many of the artists who connect with us). He was at hand to volunteer at our pop-up calendar stall at Southwark Cathedral, whereby Mr Bond (on the cover of our 2016 calendar) caught the eye of a passer-by. Laura lives in Greenwich and recognised the iconic Cutty Sark immediately. Not only that, Mr Bond's big smile melted her heart. Ray was at hand to personally sign the front cover of the calendar that Laura bought as it was to be a very special Xmas gift! Ray was then at one of our partner cafes, Maria's Cafe, at Borough Market to surprise Maria by giving her a complimentary, signed calendar as a small token of thanks from Cafe Art for being such a great supporter. Earlier in the week, he attended a wonderful photo exhibition (entitled Cardboard and Caviar) with images telling the story of Andy Palfreyman's 30 years of street homelessness in London, including some prestigious postcodes. If you have not seen it yet, it is highly recommended! You read more about this truly inspirational gentleman here. Thank you, ROL (and to all the other supporting artists/photographers), for your continued help. Cafe Art won't and can't function without them ....

Laura with her copy of the 2016 calendar personally signed by the man himself, ROL. Guess who's behind them?

ROL, the perfect diplomat, doing his rounds to support Cafe Art. This time with Maria at Maria's Cafe, Borough Market.

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