Be arty or be square ….

ROL with Allison Scott, of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, in front of his award-winning photo of Mr Bond.

So says Square Mile Coffee Roasters!

The award winning coffee roasters based in East London decided to host a special evening for their customers (speciality coffee shop owners and baristas in and around London) this week. With talks ranging from Sustainability in Coffee from the guys at Bio-Bean to Opportunities for Staff Development by one of the Founders himself, James Hoffman, the theme was to help promote positive change in different areas.

They passionately source, buy, import, roast and deliver the best coffee they can get hold of to make London famous for good coffee. To ensure that they serve the best coffee on the night, Allison Scott, their Wholesale Manager, decided to do something even more special to create that positive change. She wanted to add a drop of social conscience into every beautifully crafted cup of coffee.