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Cafe Art welcomes The Coffee Room, E3

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Do you know that one can smell great coffee even if it's via email? That's what we experienced when we had an email out of the blue from Pamela, the big-hearted owner of The Coffee Room, located at 6A Grove Road, E3 just a stone's throw from Mile End station on the Central Line. She wrote to us saying that she found one of our 2015 calendars in a shop and would love to decorate their walls with the artists' works. How wonderful is that?

Thank you to Pam, Giulia and Sara of The Coffee Room

Customers enjoying the ambience and the wonderful artworks on display.

So if you've walked the end of your mile and dying to quench your thirst, do drop in and say hi to Pam, Giulia and Sara. They serve a great tasting espresso plus some delicious sour dough. And of course, enjoy the art while you sip your coffee Thanks, ladies, for your support and believe ...! PS. Do you know that Mile End was recorded in 1288 as La Mile ende which means 'the hamlet a mile away'?

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